Contextualizing Objects in the Oberlin College Ethnographic Collection


This section of the exhibit delves into Dan Beach Bradley's time as a missionary in Bangkok, Siam. There is an overview of his life in Siam, that discusses his family and their relation to both Bangkok and Oberlin College.  This leads into a discussion of the geopolitical situation in Siam at the time of the Bradley's arrival and how it changed while they were there.  Bradley was a missionary and so it is important to understand the religions with which he came into contact and certain aspects of Siamese life he may or may not have adopted.  The section on material perspectives deals specifically with objects found in the Oberlin College Ethnographic Collection and what they say about Bradley's way of life in Siam.  The final section deals with actions Bradley took in the fields of medicine and printing that made lasting impacts on Siam.


Researched, written, and compiled by Genevieve Senechal, Oberlin College '14, Spring 2013.